Want free, badass feminist kids books?


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Why are you giving away free feminist kids books though?

Because it’s good for more folks to have more feminist books — is the short and true answer.

The slightly more complicated answer is that I think there should be an explicitly feminist, radical mash-up of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and the PJ Library. Having books in the home is really important for kids.

Libraries are an amazing resource – go to your library, have a library card, read all the books! But having a book that’s yours feels different than borrowing a library book. Books that belong to you are yours for as long as you want them. You get to make them your own. Inscribe your name in the cover, tear pages (accidentally!), give it to your sibling or friend or cousin or future kid.

Also, because we’re operating under capitalism, we need to buy more feminist books so more publishers and authors make more feminist books.

I agree that badass feminist books are important, but why this specific giveaway now?

Ah, yes, right. So I’m interested in knowing more about people — especially parents — like you and this is a good way to find out if people are as excited about these books as I am.

Which means it’s not really free, you’re trading me an email address and the opportunity to ask you some questions (which you can opt out of at any time, I’ll make it really easy!) in exchange for the opportunity to be a person who I send a book to.

How will you pick the books?

I’ll talk to you! I’ll figure out who you and your kid(s) are, learn about your library, and suggest something from Raising Luminaries: Books for Littles.

(If you aren’t reading this, you’re missing out BIG TIME – go support this work on patreon, like, yesterday. I started an account just to get access early and support her brilliant leadership. If you don’t have the dollars, that’s totally ok! I get it, you’re here for the free kids books. Her email list and blog is always open and free.)

Ok, but who are you?

Hi, I’m David! My mom is a librarian. My kids get PJ library books. My partner is a badass.

I think gendering kids is mostly nonsense (and yes, was VERY EXCITED to watch Hannah Gadsby: Nanette if you haven’t yet, do.)

Here are some of the things I wrote about it last year:

David wearing a baby.

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This is rad, I want to buy some books for folks!

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This sucks, I want to yell at you about why!

Cool, I think that’s what Twitter is for? @davidmbeasley
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Something else?

Cool, email me at genderforward@gmail.com